This tool allows you to put in place a static website powered by VueJS.

If you are a VueJS developer, you can develop a static website in no time with the tools you love. Read the Github Page to know more and get what you need from this project.

If you are integrator or website developer using static site generators like Jekyll, and or handle user actions with tools like jQuery and manipulate much DOM, you will be able to code your website as simple components (html, css). Just add some js implementing VueJS component module and you will add reactivity to your page.

More information about the underlying plugin, the convention to follow and a simple example can be found here


npm i -g vue-website-cli

how to use

Just generate a new website and you're done!

vue-website generate my-website

A npm run dev will live reload your site, a npm run build will generate your static pages, embedding VueJS anyway for reactivity and user interaction.

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